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Breaking News: US State Supreme Court Gives Nod to Marijuana Referendum 

United States: When the Florida Supreme Court authorized a referendum on the legalization of Marijuana in November 2019 in Florida, the industry has a reason to be cheerful because the activity has now been legalized. 

Many US states legalized Marijuana

In the United States, the recreational and medicinal uses of Marijuana were approved by 24 states, and 38 states permitted the use of Marijuana for health purposes. 

Florida is setting a quick pace as its population increases and is among the states in the US where the highly organized medical marijuana industry, with more than half a million patients, is based. The sovereignty of the state receives multiple tourists from all regions worldwide, thus winning a place among the leading tourist vacation spots the world over. 

In 2019 though, Florida had a total of 135 million people coming from different domestic to international perspectives. No wonder this country only comes second in the list of the most visited country. 

Headset, a marijuana-focused data company after the court’s decision, said, “The legalization of adult-use marijuana in Florida is not just a game-changer for the state’s economy but also a defining moment for the entire U.S. cannabis industry,” as the US News reported. 

Headset estimated that for now, about USD 2 billion collected from medical marijuana sales, Florida could see USD 4.9 billion to USD 6.1 billion in sales” during the first year of recreational Marijuana. 

Marijuana-wide presence in Florida 

Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve, the leader in the state with more than 130 medical marijuana dispensaries, said, “Florida is unique.” 

Trulieve by far funded the referendum’s efforts providing USD 40 million, but the Smart & Safe Florida campaign currently draws funds from these new cannabis enterprises having secured raised USD 15 million. 

As Rivers noted, Florida state is famous for its sporting and cultural events, which attract many people towards it. More so ever, two of the neighboring countries have a strict ban on cannabis usage. The states are Georgia and Alabama. 

According to the US News reports, the November Florida referendum votes for Marijuana one that will allow recreational marijuana use by those over 21, but the specific rules, such as amounts and whether or not there will be taxation, will be determined by state legislation. 

Six months from the outcome of the referendum would be given to the members of the government to create the outline for recreational use, while the medical dispensaries pre-existing the state would be cushioned against the regulatory impact. 

In other states where both medical and recreational Marijuana are legal, they have chosen to tax the latter, which would also be the case in Florida. 

Moreover, prices would vary for medical and recreational products in those states that have both. 

Additionally, those who are allowed to intake Marijuana for medical purposes are levied with an additional annual fee of USD 75 dollars, in addition to any sort of charges that a health provider might levy upon checkup. 

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