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Cruise Ship’s Health Hazards Exposed: Failures Unveiled in Surprise Inspection

Cruise Ship's Health Hazards Exposed: Failures Unveiled in Surprise Inspection

United States:  Recently this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted an unannounced health inspection and found that Margaritaville at Sea Paradise did not meet their standards. Officials from the Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) carried out the inspection.

Failing Score and Sanitation Concerns

The ship received a failing score of 83, according to the incident report that is accessible on the CDC website. It takes an 86 to pass.

One of the complaints listed was the ship’s whirlpools, designed to hold a maximum of four people, had six bathers.

Hygiene and Food Handling Issues

The report also highlighted some sanitation concerns involving food and drink on the cruise. 

An investigator was also concerned about whether a crew member had washed his hands while working with food.

“The gloves worn by the crew member handling the ice making components of the ice machines were stored with tools,” according to the study. The crew member may have cleaned his hands before putting on gloves, but it was unclear. Instead, food workers could use the glove boxes located on the bulkhead close to the ice makers.”

The investigation discovered that not only were water bottles “stored on soiled pallets,” but food preparation spaces were also dirty and/or dimly lighted. It was impossible for another crew member to “demonstrate competency” with chemicals used to clean vegetables.

“The crew member washing lettuce heads and immersing them in an antimicrobial solution for fruits and vegetables could not demonstrate competency in verifying the concentration of the chemical used,” the CDC said. “The crew member could not use a test strip correctly to verify the concentration of the solution and did not know what an acceptable test result would be.”

Equipment Malfunctions and Remedial Actions

A freezer, many freezers, and numerous deep fryers were also found to be out of commission by the CDC.

Following the inspection, “immediate corrective actions” were implemented, according to a representative for Margaritaville at Sea who talked with Fox News Digital.

“Following internal policies, immediate corrective actions have been taken to address the issues identified in the inspection,” said a statement. “We will be working with USPH [United States Public Health] for a re-inspection as soon as possible. Many of these issues have already been fixed.

“We expect this re-inspection will exceed USPH standards.”

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