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Hope for Healing: Efforts to Assist Kids Affected by Parental Loss

Hope for Healing: Efforts to Assist Kids Affected by Parental Loss

United States: According to a recent estimate, there were about 100,000 parentless deaths in the United States in 2020 due to gun violence or medicine overdoses, a tripartite increase since 1999.

Alarming Stats:

In all, these two factors accounted for over a quarter (23%) of all parental deaths in 2020, which is nearly twice as many as the percentage mentioned in 1999, according to a team that published their results in the Journal of the American Medical Association recently this month.

Escalating Impact

Experimenters set up that mortality from medicine overdoses are adding snappily, particularly among those in their 30s and 40s. further than four times as numerous children — roughly 72,800 — lost a parent to a medicine overdose in 2020 as did the 16,000 who endured the same anguish in 1999.

Disturbing Trends

Visual Representation. Credit | Stockbyte

During that time, parents’ deaths from gun violence increased by 39% as well, according to Kiang’s researchers. the is a lot more than the 24% increase in children who lost a parent for non-related reasons over the same period.

Compared to other children, black children had a threefold higher risk of losing a parent to drug abuse or gun violence.

Psychological Impact

According to psychologist and Duke University School of Medicine professor Robin Gurwitch, all of this indicates grave emotional suffering for an increasing number of American youngsters who are grieving these losses.

She told CNN that part of the issue is the guilt associated with having a parent who died from drug or gun violence.

Gurwitch, who was not part in the current study, stated that it is more difficult for kids to receive the help they require when it cannot be spoken freely and openly. “Children who suppress those emotions are far more likely to experience severe behavioral problems, bereavement disorders, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, including substance abuse.”

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