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Man Paralyzed by Rare Syndrome After Covid Infection

Man Paralyzed by Rare Syndrome After Covid Infection

United States: Dr. William Dugal, who was 32 at the time, got Covid-19 in the fall of 2022 and started exhibiting strange symptoms. As this is sporadic case and can be move forward health experts are concerned for this specific context

 “It began as numbness in my feet, almost as if my shoes were too tight, and it got to the point where I was having difficulty walking,” Winston-Salem, North Carolina resident Dugal, 34, tells “I was aware that something serious was amiss.

Initial Stages:

After completing his residency in surgery, Dugal travelled to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, an uncommon post-viral consequence. Significantly few measures can delay its course and induce anything from complete paralysis to muscular weakening.

Dugal quickly lost all motor function and required assistance to breathe or swallow. Still, he was able to think coherently.

 “I was unable to even blink or move my eyes. I can’t even begin to describe the anxiety and confusion I was feeling at the time,” Dugal adds. Knowing about medicine may sometimes be beneficial and detrimental since it makes you acutely aware of your condition is severity.

Dugal had a great time celebrating with his family over Labor Day weekend in 2022. After completing his four-year surgical residency, he was getting ready to go to North Carolina to take a new position. Additionally, his wife had just given birth to a stunning baby girl.

How Guillain-Barre syndrome progresses.

Guillain-Barre syndrome only results in muscular weakness in moderate instances. In more extreme cases, individuals need ventilation to breathe as they become completely paralyzed. According to Dugal, there might also be variations in the condition’s duration.

Ventilation leads to a near-death experience

Following his hospital diagnosis, Dugal experienced a “keen awareness” of the seriousness of his Guillain-Barre syndrome.

 “I was aware that my breathing would become impossible once it reached my diaphragm,” he adds. “Realizing you’re at the mercy of the process and you have to accept whatever comes” was an extremely humble sensation.

 Over time, his muscles grew so weak that he lost the ability to talk. Dugal recalls that he attempted to focus his muscles so that he could breathe on his own, but “after a few days, I wasn’t successful.”

Two months in In-patient rehab

Rehab seemed challenging. He was too weak to swallow, and he had dropped sixty pounds. He was still receiving nutrition through a feeding tube. They had to utilize lifts to move him as he could not get out of bed or sit up alone. On good days, little changes that were difficult to notice would frequently occur.

 Little things like trying to straighten your hands would be like that because your muscles aren’t strong enough to open them, he explains. “I recall the initial moment when I could move my big toe. The least fascinating thing you had ever seen, in my opinion.

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