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Measles Resurgence Hits Chicago: Second Case Emerges Prompting Public Health Concerns

Measles Resurgence Hits Chicago | Credits: Science Photo Library

United States: The threat related to measles infection has been increasing with every passing day. Recently, concerns have been raised by the Department of Public Health of Chicago as the state has reported another case linked to measles.

It is to be noted that it is the second case linked to measles in Chicago. The case was reported just a few hours after the state reported its first case of measles in 2019.

The increasing cases were announced by the Chicago Department of Public Health on early Friday morning. According to the news release by CDPH, the first case was reported among a city resident, and the second case was found in a child staying at a migrant shelter in Pilsen.

In addition to this, the Department emphasized that the child sought treatment and has recovered. The child is “no longer infectious,” the release by the CDPH outlined, according to NBC Chicago.

Shelters and spread of measles infection in Chicago!

The latest reported case is not the first case that has been reported in the migrant shelter. Prior to this, a case was detected in the shelter at 2241 S Halstead, who became ill and died in December 2023. The child was five years old.

Accordingly, the shelter is under scrutiny for its health conditions.

In this regard, the statement read, “The case of measles was identified in a young child who has recovered and is no longer infectious. A case investigation is underway to determine who the child may have come in contact with while infectious.”

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Furthermore, the residents have been asked to stay at the shelters until “it can be determined whether they are vaccinated against measles and therefore immune to the infectious disease.”

The statement furthermore mentioned, “Those who have been vaccinated can leave the shelter while those who have not been vaccinated will have to remain. All unvaccinated residents will be screened for symptoms and offered the measles vaccine.”

The CDPH outlined that a process has been established to assess the vaccination status of all the residents of the shelter, according to the reports by NBC Chicago.

The Chicago Department of Public Health mentioned on Thursday that it had reported its first measles case since 2019.

As per the officials, the infection period of the infected person ended on March 6, and he is now “recovering well” at home. The investigation into the matter is ongoing, but to date there, no connection with international traveling has been found.

In addition to this, the health officials listed down the common signs and symptoms of the infection and also asked the infected person to contact their nearest health care provider if any symptoms were experienced.

The Commissioner of CDPH – Dr Olusimbo Ige, stated, “The key to preventing measles is vaccination. If you are not vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to get the vaccine.”

Visual Representation | Credits: Reuters

Ige further commented, “If you are unsure whether you’ve been vaccinated, ask your healthcare provider to find out if you need an MMR. If your child is one year old or older and has never received the MMR vaccine, contact your child’s pediatrician to discuss how your child can get caught up with their vaccines.”

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