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USDA High Alert: Bird Flu Found in Beef

USDA High Alert: Bird Flu Found in Beef

United States: The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported on Friday that there has been a first-time detection of bird flu in beef. However, the meat from a single dairy cow that became ill was not permitted to enter the country’s food system, so beef is still safe to consume.

First-Time Detection Raises Concerns

According to the USDA, the H5N1 virus was discovered during the testing of 96 dairy cows that were pulled out of the supply after routine carcass checks at meat processing facilities by federal inspectors revealed symptoms of sickness. Of the cows, just one had bird flu.

In the midst of heightened concerns over avian flu, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s first-time detection of the virus in beef underscores the evolving nature of the outbreak, despite assurances that proper cooking eliminates any risk to consumers

Bird flu has been linked to the death of millions of hens and turkeys, been detected in milk, and been verified in dairy cattle herds in nine states. But the discovery of it in meat marks a novel stage in the 2022 outbreak.

Meat Safe for Consumption

Although the government announced last month that it will test ground beef in retail locations for bird flu, it has not yet detected any symptoms of the virus.

According to the USDA, cooking beef to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit will eradicate any traces of bird flu, same as it does for E. coli and other viruses.

This spring, avian flu sickened two farmworkers at dairies in Texas and Michigan. Health officials stated that although farmworkers exposed to diseased animals are at higher risk, the public still poses little threat.

Evolving Nature of Outbreak

There is only one other verified case of avian flu in humans in the United States. A prisoner participating in a work program in Montrose County, Colorado, acquired it in 2022 while putting an end to diseased chickens. Fatigue was his sole symptom, and he made a full recovery.

Theres is only one thing and other that verified the case of avian flu in Humans in the United States A prisoner part

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