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Health Officials Urge Vaccination Amid Measles Outbreak

Health Officials Urge Vaccination Amid Measles Outbreak

United States: Health officials are tracking a growing cluster of measles cases in New Hampshire and Vermont. As of Tuesday, there are three known cases, and people in the Dartmouth College area are being urged to watch for symptoms.

A person in New Hampshire who wasn’t vaccinated got measles, probably after being exposed to someone who visited from another country in late June, according to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

Vermont Confirms Measles Case

As reported by NECN, A resident of Vermont has also been confirmed to have the measles after being exposed in the Hanover in late June, the Vermont Department of Health said on Tuesday.

As part of the safe and effective MMR vaccine schedule that is recommended for almost all people in the United States, with the exception of those with severe allergies or multiple medical conditions, both agencies shared information about where their infected residents had been in case other people were exposed to the highly contagious and potentially serious virus.

Potential Exposure in Boston

The first case of the measles was I n the international traveller who flew back to their home country through Boston’s Logan airport, Massachusetts health officials put out ab advisory about the possible exposure last in the late June.

Monitoring and Precautionary Measures

They made it clear in the press statement that there was no continuing risk and that the public was not at risk from the local case. The deputy state epidemiologist wrote a memo on Monday to Vermont healthcare professionals informing them that officials were monitoring the symptoms of one person in the state who was known to have been in touch with them.

The memo also mentioned that on Wednesday, July 3, at 1:30 p.m., the measles patient had boarded the Dartmouth Coach that left New York City for Hanover. Although it was unknown how many other passengers on the bus resided in Vermont, the agency was still trying to find out.


The Vermont Department of Health, who had informed their counterparts in other states, stated that the person with confirmed measles was not in the state for the majority of the time they were contagious.

The foreign visitor who visited Vermont in April of 2024 is the only previous confirmed case of measles in the state; the current case is unrelated to that case. These are Vermont’s first measles cases since 2018.

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