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Immune-Compromised Patient with Long COVID Prone to Mutations!

Immune-Compromised Patient with Long COVID Prone to Mutations

United States: A person who is immune-compromised along with a year-and-a-half-long COVID infection has been found to be a breeding ground of coronavirus mutations.

According to researchers, several or worse kinds of mutations were in the COVID spike protein, showing that the virus had been trying to evolve itself around the present vaccines, as the US News reported.

Magda Vergouwe, the research team lead said that “This case underscores the risk of persistent SARS-CoV-2 infections in immunocompromised individuals, as unique SARS-CoV-2 viral variants may emerge,” as the US News reported. She is a doctoral candidate with Amsterdam University Medical Center in The Netherlands.

How was the study conducted?

The patient that we are discussing is a patient who persevered through the longest known coronavirus infection today, with doctors saying he lived for 613 days before he was diagnosed with the blood disease that had eroded his immune system.

Immunocompromised individuals may have extended periods of infections. The virus, in turn, can use this time to adapt itself and evolve, as stressed by the investigators.

To clarify, some experts believe that the Omicron COVID-19 variant may have developed in an immunized patient living with previous infection types COVID, according to researchers.

In the recent issue of the report, the man had suffered from COVID-19 at the age of 72 in February of 2022 when he had multiple doses of COVID-19 vaccination before, and he was admitted to Amsterdam’s University Medical Center, as the US News reported.

He is plagued with MDMS (Myelodysplastic and Myeloproliferative Overlap Syndrome), a disorder in which immune system cells oversupply because the marrow doesn’t function normally, as per the National Cancer Institution in the United States.

Besides a transplant of stem cells, there also developed lymphoma – a malignant white blood cell, scientists were saying.

About the availability of the drug

Visual Representation of Rituximab. Credit | Getty images

The drug rituximab he stole for lymphoma depleted as well as all of the immune cells that are meant to create these antibodies for COVID, his respiratory physician explained.

In an attempt to clear his COVID, the man got a monoclonal antibody cocktail, which eventually turned out to be a futile move for him.

The story was astounding as even the coronavirus’ genetic material started mutating to evade the antibodies he attained, researchers noticed, the same step that might have weakened the other potential recipients of the drug, they said.

The analysis of hereditary cause of viruses in 27 nasal swabs of the man has revealed more than 50 mutation of corona virus, including change in the spike protein which was the target of vaccination.

The researchers stated, “The prolonged infection has led to the emergence of a novel immune-evasive variant due to the extensive within-host evolution,” as the US News reported.

Moreover, such cases generally pose a “potential public health threat of possibly introducing viral escape variants into the community,” as they said.

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