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Measles Outbreak in US Sparks Concern for Wisconsin Residents

Visual Representation | Credits: CDC

United States: Wisconsin’s susceptibility to the neighboring state of Illinois’s measles epidemic becomes a matter of concern when the infection cases amounting to 100 people are reported in the neighboring state, Illinois.

Ascension core value “service of the whole person” calls for Dr Margaret Hennessy, a pediatrician associated with Ascension Wisconsin, to be that proactive person. After the discovery of 12 measles cases in Chicago, she urges for the teams who work in clinics in Wisconsin to start priming themselves for the cases.

During the discourse, Hennessy says: “It gets me really sad that the situation is so uncomfortable for me, who is a doctor.” We deal with case after case of air travel, driving in cars, or even managing our time, but measles has been something we’ve never come face to face with.

New statistics from Wisconsin Department of Health Services indicate that over 80% of people from Milwaukee County got vaccinated and the statewide vaccination percentage already nears 70%.

Nonetheless, there is an additional argument that comes with this contagiousness, which needs to be carefully examined.

“Consider this scenario: If someone carrying the measles virus levates from this building, the virus may stagnate here for up to two hours,” Hennessy added this comment as well.

She expresses worst fears that COVID might go well over the state’s borders, especially if the vaccination status continues to lag.

“I am very worried, primarily because of such escalation possibility,” she observed.

The renowned Hennessy asks the community to be sure to get their vaccination record updated at the earliest.

Standard manifestations, which are similar to viral diseases, for example, include coughing, discharge from areas of the nose, fever, and a characteristic rash.

The doctor continued by saying, “The primary area of the rash usually appears at the root of the hair behind the ears as small bloody papules and then spreads downwards.”

Children’s Wisconsin conducts its comprehensive surveillance closely to detect suspected cases rising during the national surge wave.

Per the CDC, it is the vaccination that is emphasized, thus vaccination takes place at least 14 days before the travel time.

In the recent times, there had been the last confirmed case of measles in Milwaukee through October in 2023 only.

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