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Palmer Candy Company Issues Nationwide Recall Over Salmonella Risk

Palmer Candy Company Issues Nationwide Recall Over Salmonella Risk

United States: An expansive recall has been issued by a Midwestern confectionary maker because there’s a chance that some of its goods may contain salmonella.

Recall Details:

The Palmer Candy Company, located in Sioux City, Iowa, has declared this week that it’s recalling” white carpeted confectionary particulars” due to the possibility of salmonella impurity. The goods are offered for trade in retail packaging similar as bags, sacks, and barrels.

Affected Brands and Distribution:

Freshness Guaranteed, Palmer, Sweet Smiles, Snackin’ With The Crew, Casey’s, Favorite Day Bakery, Sunny Select, Urge, and Kwik Trip Inc. are some of the brands that are associated with these products.

Candy and sweets that were recalled were sold to wholesale distributors and retail establishments across the country.

The delicacies are vended in retail establishments including Walmart, HyVee, Target, and Dollar General. The delicacy was distributed to noncommercial wholesalers in the following countries Oregon, North Dakota, Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Cause and Response:

The FDA said that no illnesses have been linked to these items.

But because of a potentially tainted component from one of its suppliers, Palmer Candy’s liquid coating supplier alerted the company to the possibility of salmonella infection.

While the FDA and the firm look into the cause of the issue, production of the product has been paused.

It’s recommended that consumers who have bought white- coated delicacies made by Palmer Candy Company return them to the retailer for a complete refund.

Contact Information:

On weekdays, guests may reach the pot at800-831-0828 if they have any questions.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps are common symptoms of salmonella infections.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration notes that, in rare cases, the origins may enter the bloodstream and affect in a more serious infection that may need hospitalization.

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